Time to Review your school security plan….

Whether school is in session, or it is after hours, having a good commercial security system is crucial to protect your campus. With Sonitrol’s Safe Schools program, you can have comprehensive security, including panic buttons, video, access control, and fire monitoring.


When your school is protected by a Sonitrol alarm, you have a twenty-four-seven monitoring team at your fingertips. During school hours, if a staff member presses a panic button, our Central Station is instantly alerted. This allows our team to immediately dispatch law enforcement to the school. Once the panic is pressed, they can also begin to listen in via the audio sensors and even view live video if you have cameras. Then, they can relay critical information about the crisis to police as they race to the scene. If, for example, there is a threat, such as an active shooter, our team can provide details about the suspect’s appearance and location to the police. This helps our police be better prepared as they enter the facility.

Gunshot Detection

Sonitrol has added the latest in commercial security technology with Gunshot Detection to our Safe Schools program. Gunshot Detection is yet another way to guarantee police will be dispatched instantly during an emergency. Instead of using infrared sensors and microphones which cause false alarms, we utilize the latest in concussive force technology. We truly care about keeping your students, teachers, and staff safe!


If the school is locked up for the night, and the system is armed, our Central Station will be alerted the moment of any disturbance. With Sonitrol’s audio-impact technology, when a person makes noise as they attempt entry, such as breaking a window or beating a door with a crowbar, or even cutting a hole through a rooftop or wall, (which has been attempted before), the audio sensors will detect the noise. Our Central Station will dispatch law enforcement to the school at once. In many cases, police arrest suspects at school locations before they have even made it inside the facility. This prevents significant loss and often prevents any damages at all to your school. If you’d like to include indoor and outdoor video cameras with your system, we have many state-of-the-art camera options.


Add access control to certain doors of your school to give staff a keyless mode of entry and to allow only authorized personnel access to particular areas. Whatever your school security needs are, our security design consultants will walk through your facility and take the time to design the ideal system for you to make sure your students and facility are safe. Call us today for a free quote at (800)444-1191.

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