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Proud to Partner with XP League

XP League offers a pro-level experience for gamers ages 7-17.  With over a dozen state-of-the-art ...
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School vandalism deterrent

When a school had problems with vandalism on their roof, they elected to have Sonitrol ...
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alarm system

Hurricane Tips for your alarm system

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes.  Along with picking up the water and filling up ...
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Nickel and dimed on your business security?

Business Security:  PRO Installation $99! This advertisement is from one of our competitors.  Great price, ...
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Missed opportunities that can increase school security

As schools open their doors here in Polk County, parents send little ones to school ...
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construction site security

Construction Site Security

The Polk County area has become a hot spot for new construction. With warehousing and ...
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MySonitrol – the trifecta of security!

Business owners have enough to worry about without having to use multiple platforms for the ...
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Active shooter statistics – Gunshot Detection

Current FBI statistics show active shooter incidents have increased.  While nothing can prevent an incident, ...
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Customized security for schools

Criminals today are very sophisticated. They know to case a school ahead of time looking ...
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Answering your calls!

We are all familiar with the dreaded automated computer voice that answers our phone calls ...
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Commercial alarm prices over the phone.

Business owners have very little time and may be tempted to purchase a commercial alarm ...
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video surveillance

Serverless Video Surveillance

  Video surveillance systems are becoming a valuable asset for business owners.  Cameras are used ...
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Why choose a customized security system?

In a fast-paced world, many business owners would like to move things off their plate ...
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Protecting what you value for over 50 years!

For over a half of century, Sonitrol has been protecting schools, businesses, churches and other ...
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Prevent Loss using Temperature Monitoring

In Florida, our outdoor temperatures do not vary like other parts of the United States.  ...
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Time to Review your school security plan….

Whether school is in session, or it is after hours, having a good commercial security ...
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Siren or Silent? Building a commercial alarm system

Building a commercial alarm system may sound like a simple task.  Install a couple of ...
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Sonitrol of Polk County – The Leader in Security

With over fifty years of experience protecting businesses, churches, and schools around the world, Sonitrol ...
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Restaurant Security – Helping owners to prevent loss

Ownership of a restaurant is hard work.  Finding great employees, managing supplies, finding good vendors ...
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3 Security Tips for Convenience Store Owners

Convenience stores have changed since the days of full service and five cent candy.  Twenty-four-hour ...
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Welcoming our newest team member

Sonitrol of Polk County would like to welcome Vern Medlin to our team.  Vern will ...
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Thank you Lakeland Police Department!

Early this morning, we visited the Lakeland Police Department to thank Officer Tammy Kercher for ...
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De-Structions: How NOT to use your commercial alarm system!

So, you put in a commercial alarm system. But it’s hard to remember the code.  ...
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National Coffee with a Cop Day 2021

Coffee with a Cop was launched in 2011 in Califiornia by Hawthorne Police Officer Chris ...
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Warehouse Security – BIG business in Florida

Florida is a hot spot for warehouse burglaries.   With the shipping industry off the Florida ...
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4 Tips to Increase School Security

Vandalism, burglary, and violence are increasingly more common at schools and universities. What can be ...
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Video of a Sonitrol apprehension

At Sonitrol of Polk County we focus on: Increased Apprehensions Reducing False Alarms Early Detection ...
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Lose the keys with a Keyless Access System

Is installing a keyless access system worth the money?  Only if the business owner wants ...
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Gunshot Detection – New Technology for Better Security

When an active shooting situation occurs, the people on site need to have a plan. ...
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Commercial alarm systems

Business Owners – Do I need a commercial alarm system?

“I don’t need a commercial alarm system” Who needs a commercial alarm system?  Smart business ...
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Ex-Employees: Is business camera footage enough?

Recently, a local Polk County business was burglarized multiple times in one night, and the ...
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Protect Outdoor Assets with Business Security

Business security in outdoor areas used to consist of junkyard dogs.  Using today’s technology, business ...
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Business Security Systems and Cameras

When the bad guys don’t get caught There are an increasing number of criminals who ...
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Gunshot Detection solution wins BIG at ISC West

3XLogic's Gunshot Detection solution was awarded SIA's 2021 Best New Product in the Law Enforcement/Public ...
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Employee Safety After Hours

.The lone employee arrives at the restaurant to begin prepping for the busy morning breakfast.  ...
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Sonitrol Monitoring Center

Avoiding false alarm fines in Florida

False alarm fines cost owners of business security systems millions of dollars every year.  The ...
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National Pet Fire Safety Day

We all love our pets!  For National Pet Fire Safety Day, we celebrate by sharing ...
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school security

4 Reasons to invest in Verified Panic Buttons

Everyone has seen some movie where the bank gets robbed and a teller secretly presses ...
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small business robbery

Protecting Small Businesses

Warm, winter sun, toes in the sand, and a promise of all things tropical have ...
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man installing camera surveillance in school gym

School Cameras – Help or hinder?

Over the years, the debate over privacy versus safety has been a hot topic when ...
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man installing camera on interior of business

Put the bad guys away and keep them away!

Over fifty million in drugs were taken off Polk County streets thanks to the combined ...
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