Proud to Partner with XP League

XP League offers a pro-level experience for gamers ages 7-17.  With over a dozen state-of-the-art gaming stations, young ...
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alarm system

Hurricane Tips for your alarm system

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes.  Along with picking up the water and filling up the gas tanks, ...
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Nickel and dimed on your business security?

Business Security:  PRO Installation $99! This advertisement is from one of our competitors.  Great price, right?  But how ...
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Missed opportunities that can increase school security

As schools open their doors here in Polk County, parents send little ones to school depending on the ...
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construction site security

Construction Site Security

The Polk County area has become a hot spot for new construction. With warehousing and residential developments popping ...
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MySonitrol – the trifecta of security!

Business owners have enough to worry about without having to use multiple platforms for the security of their ...
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Active shooter statistics – Gunshot Detection

Current FBI statistics show active shooter incidents have increased.  While nothing can prevent an incident, a quick response ...
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Customized security for schools

Criminals today are very sophisticated. They know to case a school ahead of time looking for propped-open doors, ...
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Answering your calls!

We are all familiar with the dreaded automated computer voice that answers our phone calls to utility, business, ...
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Commercial alarm prices over the phone.

Business owners have very little time and may be tempted to purchase a commercial alarm system from someone ...
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