Lose the keys with a Keyless Access System

access system

Is installing a keyless access system worth the money?  Only if the business owner wants to have ultimate control over who has access to the building.

What is an access system?  An access system is a locking mechanism that is installed on doors of the building to monitor entry.  The system uses software to manage who enters the building. Basically, it is a system of keys without keys.

Who has keys?

As a business, school, or church grows, so does the amount of people that need access to the building.  Even with the best of spreadsheets, keeping the keys to a minimum is tedious.  Keys get lost. If someone moves, they forget to turn in a key.  Or maybe a duplicate is made and the person handling the spreadsheet was never notified.  Access systems allow authorized users to “turn on” a card, fob, or mobile phone credential to the user.  The user can then present their credential to the reader, and if they have proper access, the reader will turn green and let them in.  Likewise, if someone leaves the organization, the card can be immediately turned off to prevent re-entry.

Who entered?

Keys cannot let you know who entered the building or when.  Likewise, push button locks have codes that can be shared preventing authorized personnel from monitoring entry activity into a building.  Access systems provide activity reports that are time stamped to show when and where a credential was presented.  Likewise, certain systems can add cameras to a door so a picture is provided whenever someone enters the door.  This allows management to confirm that the credential is being used by the person whom it was issued to.

Scheduled entry

With keys, everyone can come into a building whenever they want.  Access systems can manage times that certain users can gain entry into the building.  Office personnel may only access the building from 8am – 5pm.  Warehouse personnel may only access the warehouse from 5am – 3pm and the office from 8am – 3pm.  The cleaning crew may need access after hours from 5pm – 11pm.  When a credential is presented outside of the scheduled hours, the door will remain locked.  Again, reports can be generated to view time and place of each scanned credential.

Directing traffic

With keys, the keyholder must go to all the doors and unlock the entrances for the day.  Then, these doors will need to be locked up at night.  If someone is filling in for the regular closer, a door may be missed and the facility could remain unlocked for the night.  With an access system, all the doors can be locked and unlocked on a schedule.

Remote access to each door

Unlike keys, access systems can be remotely accessed from any cell phone.  So if the delivery person arrives, the user can push a button and unlock the door.  Adding a camera to the delivery door location will allow users to confirm who they are letting into the building.

The cost to rekey a facility is often times more expensive than a good access system.  Plus, knowing who is occupying the building and when can help business owners resolve possible issues.  If you are a business owner and would like a free assessment, please contact us!






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