Business Security Systems and Cameras

When the bad guys don’t get caught

There are an increasing number of criminals who avoid arrests every year.  According to FBI crime statistics, in 2019 there were 6,925,677 property crimes in the United States.  Of those crimes, only 1,074,367 were arrested.  With the amount of properties that have business security systems with cameras, why are there so many unsolved property crimes?

Why aren’t they caught with cameras?

Business owners are investing in commercial grade cameras to watch their property.  But after hours, unless someone is monitoring the cameras 24/7, police will not be dispatched to the property.  So, while the business owner is away, the criminals are helping themselves to property in or around their building.  The owner will come in the next morning to find property missing and file a police report.  This may result in lost business as the owner may have to shut down for the day or the week to order more products or tools to run the business.

An alarm system should catch them, right?

Criminals should be arrested quickly with an alarm system, right?  Not likely on a motion-based alarm. According to the US Department of Justice, between 94 and 98 percent of all alarms are false.  Each alarm requires twenty minutes of officer time. That is an average cost of as much as $1.5 billion per year in police time.  This financial burden along with many other real crimes, have forced law enforcement to lower the propriety response on unverified burglar alarms which, delays response time.  In fact, on a traditional burglary alarm, nationally, the average police response time is 45 minutes.  When law enforcement arrives, criminals are long gone.  And unless the criminal was wearing distinctive clothes or looked straight up at the cameras, and someone on social media is willing to identify the suspect, chances are slim there will be an arrest.

So, is it wise to invest in an alarm system?  Is there a way to get a prioritized call without monitoring the cameras ALL THE TIME?  Yes.

Verified security systems increase police response time

Verified security systems have been used since the late 1960s. This verification allows operators to dispatch law enforcement to a “burglary in progress”.  The simple systems activate cameras on an alarm to provide operators with “eyes” inside the building.  Adding impact activated audio sensors, gives operators “ears” inside the building.  These audio systems activate the alarm before the criminals break into the building.  In fact, of 182,000 arrests made on Sonitrol impact activated audio systems, 20% of those never gained entry.  They also cover a larger portion of the building.  This benefit allows operators to hear entries other than doors and windows.  If criminals come through the walls, air conditioning vents, and other creative entries, the audio sensors pick up the sound.  Other details like description, location, and multiple perpetrators are relayed to law enforcement while en route.  Verified systems have an average police response time of eight minutes.

An arrest will mean reduced loss to the business owner. Invest in security that will give you peace of mind; invest in a verified system.

If you are interested in a business security system with cameras, get your free assessment today.

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