Answering your calls!

We are all familiar with the dreaded automated computer voice that answers our phone calls to utility, business, and cell phone companies alike. It’s why we hate to call these businesses we depend on for services from electricity to cell and internet plans.

The robotic voice will give you options, such as:

“Thank you for calling. Current hold times are thirty minutes.”

“Visit our website to avoid holding.”

“Press one for English.”

“Tell me more about why you’re calling, so I can connect you with the right representative.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t get that. Could you repeat why you are calling, so I can connect you?”

“Thank you for continuing to hold. Your call is important to us.”

And the list goes on…You end up listening to never-ending elevator music while you question why you give this company your business. It’s frustrating to say the least. When your call is finally answered, you’ll likely end up talking to someone who works remotely, maybe even countries away from the actual business you make your monthly payments to.

When you are shopping for a new security system, find one you can depend on. In this computer run day and age, it’s so much simpler to do business with a family-owned and operated company who employs local people to handle your account. Sonitrol of Polk County operates our own, local, Central Station. Our customer service, installation team, monitoring team, sales team, management team-you name it-we are right here waiting to help you. Our monitoring Central Station NEVER closes. It is open, around the clock, twenty-four-hours a day with our amazing team of professionals. We will never send your call to an answering service!

So, what happens when you need to call us for any reason, from adding another person to your call list to just asking a question about your bill or service?


Simply dial our exclusive toll-free number, (800)444-1191, and your call is answered, “Sonitrol, this is Liz. How may I help you?”

If it’s not Liz, it might be Tammy, Chaz, DJ, Maye, Terry, Allison, or Tina…Whoever answers the phone is going to take care of you. We have a highly skilled team of dependable people. Some of our operators have been working for us for decades. When you call, someone who is familiar with you and who cares about helping you will answer the phone immediately. It’s really that simple.

In a world of robotic voices and frustrating hold times, why not choose a family owned and operated business to protect what you value most? Having a trusted team, who is a phone call away 24/7, is just one reason to choose Sonitrol of Polk County for your business security system. Call us today, and we will get you a FREE consultation and quote with one of our security design experts at (800)444-1191. We look forward to answering your call!

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