4 Tips to Increase School Security

Vandalism, burglary, and violence are increasingly more common at schools and universities. What can be done to increase your campus security?

Here are four tips for increasing school security:

  1. Keep vulnerable areas well-lit. Keep entrances, windows, and as much of the area around your building safer with plenty of lights and motion lights that will activate after dark. Criminals are less likely to approach a well-lit building where they can easily be seen.
  2. Store valuables in interior buildings of the school where would-be intruders are less likely to see them from exterior windows.
  3. Install cameras that can record live video and play back video when incidents need to be investigated.
  4. Have a verified, comprehensive school security system that offers audio and video verification, panic buttons, access control and fire protection. Sonitrol offers the Safe Schools program, which is unrivaled in the industry.

Why Sonitrol Safe Schools Program?

More than 12,000 schools in North America trust Sonitrol to protect their facility. Sonitrol’s comprehensive school security systems are tailored specifically to fit your property’s needs.

Our audio and video systems integrate with our access control systems, fire systems, and panic buttons, leaving nothing for your team to worry about. Twenty-four-hours a day, our Central Station monitoring team will keep an eye on your school and send the proper personnel in the event of an emergency. Our audio intrusion technology will alert us the moment there is a disturbance after hours, and our team can listen-in and view live video to give responding police details from your facility.

Our managed access control allows you to determine which employees and staff have access to doors and offices. Our team can make changes to your system when employees leave or are let go, or you can edit users, as well. A time-stamped digital trail keeps a record of entries and exits, so you never have to question who accessed any area of the facility.

While school is in session, your staff can alert us to an emergency with the press of a wireless panic button, and our team will in turn access video and audio to give emergency responders critical details as they head to your facility.

Whether it’s an attempted break-in or vandalism after hours, a fire emergency, or an active threat on campus, our team has got you covered. Our expert design consultants will meet with you to tour your facility and give you a free security consultation and recommendation. We look forward to discussing Sonitrol Safe Schools program with you and securing your students, teachers, staff, and campus. Contact us at 1 (800) 444-1191.

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