3 Security Tips for Convenience Store Owners

Convenience stores have changed since the days of full service and five cent candy.  Twenty-four-hour stores now include everything from restaurants to after-hours sleeping areas.  So, what investment should a wise convenience store owner make when adding a commercial security?

Security on 24-hour stores

Even 24 hours stores should have overnight security.  High dollar ticket items like liquor and cigarettes can be locked up at night and secured so if someone tries to enter the area, police are notified.  Large amounts of cash stored in a safe at night need security on the office or the safe. Adding security also provides protection for late night and early morning workers.  If the employee is forced to disarm the alarm, they can enter a preprogrammed duress code which will secretly have law enforcement dispatched.  Adding audio and cameras to the system will allow monitoring operators to see and hear the robbery and give law enforcement information so they can plan while en route.

Robberies are usually quick.

So why install a panic button?  Often, there are only one or two employees working the late night/early morning hours.  In a robbery situation, there is no way to pick up a phone until after the incident has occurred.  Pressing a panic button is an easy way to get help to the employee in these dangerous situations.  A panic button on a verified audio system will allow operators to hear what is being said and share the information with dispatchers.  If the convenience store has cameras, they can be incorporated into the security system so operators can also see what is happening.  Information like the description of the suspect or the car they are driving can be shared with law enforcement while en route.  Secretly notifying police using a panic button also helps to make sure that an early morning hold up doesn’t turn into something much worse.

Cameras are essential in convenience stores.

High definition cameras can provide clear footage for law enforcement to review when a robbery or burglary happens at a store. They can also help business owners in various other ways.  Clear footage can help if a customer claims they were injured while on the premises.  Cameras provide owners with a watchful eye on employees to view day to day operations in the store.  Additionally, cameras can monitor the point-of-sale system to recognize patterns that differ from the norm such as no sale or discount transactions.  Professional installation and a company that provides local support is essential to maintaining the health of the camera investment.  Monitoring the health of a camera system will help prevent loss of footage, resolve band width issues, and alert the owner of a maintenance issue.

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