Why choose a customized security system?

In a fast-paced world, many business owners would like to move things off their plate as quickly as possible. However, security in your business is not a decision that should be made in one phone call. If a company gives you a price over the phone, chances are they are not interested in properly securing your business.
Our newest customer invited our consultant in to look at a system that they have had in place for over 20 years. Initially, the interest was to view the latest technology. But, after a detailed walk of the building and listening to the needs of the business, there were some issues that were presented:

  1. Old Technology – The old system was on the phone line. Moving the system off the phone line and onto a network connection allows the system to communicate faster to the central station. This also saved the customer the cost of having a dedicated landline for the security system. But the client has experienced power outages and dropped internet. So cell communicator with battery backup was added so the system would continue to secure the building during an internet or power failure. Also, the customer now has an app to manage the system remotely including:
    • Arming and disarming the system.
    • Adding and deleting users.
    • Receiving push notifications on their cellphone.
    • Viewing arming history.
  2. False Alarms – The customer was experiencing false alarms on their motion detectors and overhead doors, which had caused them false alarm fines. Sonitrol provided them with new multisensors which include an audio sensor, motion detector and a 2MP camera. On alarm, our central station operators will be able to see and hear what is causing the alarm. This allows them to reset the system on a false alarm and save the customer false alarm fines.
  3. The Wrong Equipment – After walking the building it was learned that the customer had to put a forklift on a dock so the overhead door would close to allow the system to work properly. Our consultant recommended different equipment for the overhead door, which will allow the customer to easily arm the system without the added forklift.

Investing the time to allow a knowledgeable consultant to customize a system for you can save you time and money. Schedule with one of our consultants to listen to your needs and customize a system that works for you!

Helping to provide a safer today through innovative technology!


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