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Video surveillance systems are becoming a valuable asset for business owners.  Cameras are used to view the business after hours, monitor employee activity and watch customer transactions. If there is a crime or an incident, recorded footage may be necessary to identify criminals or view an accident where legal litigation is involved. If clear video footage is not available, the result could be a large financial loss to the customer. Because of the importance of video footage in today’s world, business owners are skipping online shopping and the big box store cameras to invest in a video solution that will give them clear recorded footage and notify them before there is a large loss in recorded material.  By using a recognized installer of specialized video equipment, owners get a surveillance design to suit their unique needs.

Skipping the server for outdoor cameras

Our latest customer needed to view vehicles entering and exiting a vehicle storage yard.  The site is in an unsecured area and open 24 hours.  The customer had problems with theft and dumping.  The customer had been quoted an outdoor solution by another company and wanted a competitive bid.  However, upon review of the quote, a sever was included which could not be secured in the outdoor location.  A server in a lockbox would have likely crashed in a short amount of time if left to the Florida elements.

After a survey and further conversation with the customer, the customer had a secured outdoor internet modem installed.  Electric had previously installed to light up the area, so power was available for the cameras.

Sonitrol added 3XLogic Varifocal All-In-One cameras to view all vehicles entering and leaving.  These cameras have encrypted credentials to secure video footage.  A 256GB memory card is included onboard the camera where recorded footage is stored.  This recorded footage can be accessed through the camera software on any android or apple, phone, tablet or computer.  Health monitoring was set up to alert the customer if the cameras were not functioning properly to prevent large breaks in recorded video footage.

Whatever the video surveillance application, having a knowledgeable consultant survey the area and listen to the needs of the application will help the owner make an informed decision to invest in a solution that will work for his future needs. Choosing a company that will be available to help after the installation is also a plus for busy business owners.

If you are looking at a trustworthy video surveillance solution, schedule a free assessment with one of our consultants today.

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