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Ownership of a restaurant is hard work.  Finding great employees, managing supplies, finding good vendors and other incidentals make for long hours!  By using trusted partners and technology, ownership doesn’t have to be a 24-hour job.  Restaurant security now includes more than just after hours monitoring.

Temperature control monitoring

Refrigeration and freezers are a large investment!   What goes inside adds up to thousands of dollars.  Some companies offer apps so an owner can monitor refrigeration and freezer temperature changes on a phone.  However, if the business owner is lucky enough to find time for a vacation, chances are that person may find a way to be out of cell coverage for a little while causing a missed notification. Temperature monitoring can now be added to security monitoring.  If the temperature raises or drops below a specified temperature, owners can provide a list of authorized people who can check on the equipment and prevent a loss.

Point of Sale shrinkage

Employee theft is one of the single largest causes of shrinkage in retail environments today. Millions of dollars disappear from Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals in retail stores on a daily basis due to fraudulent or criminal employee activities. The ability to effectively detect and deter cashier-related shrinkage is a top priority for retail owners. One way that retailers are confronting this epidemic is by identifying the telltale patterns of these crimes, so called POS exceptions.  POS exceptions are transactions that differ from the norm. These can include manually entered values, voids, or ”no sales” which could be a sign of system manipulation. Certain camera manufacturers now offer the ability to detect these transactions along with a video of those transactions.  Reports can be generated, and real time alerts can be established so an owner can review the incident.

After hours security

When the restaurant closes for the night and the employees go home, business owners want to walk in the next morning ready for the breakfast crowd.  Unfortunately, there is big business in black market liquor and meat.  A restaurant that is burglarized is devastating for the owner.  Time must be spent on itemizing inventory, tracking invoices for insurance, and reordering new product.  If the loss is substantial, the restaurant will also have to turn away loyal patrons.  While nothing can prevent someone from trying to burglarize a restaurant, a verified security system has been proven to get law enforcement to a burglary in less time.  Catching the burglar in the act allows owners to keep most of their product and reopen to happy customers.


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