Put the bad guys away and keep them away!

Over fifty million in drugs were taken off Polk County streets thanks to the combined efforts of over a dozen law enforcement agencies. Members of Homeland Security and Florida and Georgia law enforcement combined efforts to remove over 1,400 pounds of crystalized and liquid methamphetamine.

But why is Polk County a hot spot for drug activity? Criminals rarely use large cities to house their operations. Small, sleepy towns and quiet neighborhoods provide excellent cover for criminal activity.  Unfortunately for those that live and work in the area, this activity always brings an unsavory element.  Crimes like burglaries, robberies, and other activities slowly work their way into the area because that is where the drugs are located.

When crime occurs, the first and best way to help law enforcement is to identify the perpetrator of the crime. Video surveillance is great if done the right way. It is extremely disappointing to a business owner who spends a great deal of money on cameras, not to have video footage for law enforcement.

Installing high quality cameras, in the proper places to cover the property is of upmost importance when considering your video equipment purchase. Having high-quality footage to give police, not only increases the chances of getting the bad guy, but good video footage can also be used in court to put them away! The less criminals on the street, the less crime on the street. And if they get out, they will remember to stay away from your business when conducting future criminal activity.

If you would like a security professional to provide a free assessment for cameras in your business, please call (800) 444-1191.

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