Proud to Partner with XP League

XP League offers a pro-level experience for gamers ages 7-17.  With over a dozen state-of-the-art gaming stations, young people learn sportsmanship, strategic thinking, problem solving as well as teamwork and social skills.  Parents are welcome to watch or relax in another room while their children participate in a safe, secured esports environment with other XP League teams across the country.  The owner needed a security provider that could secure these high dollar assets from after hour intruders as well as disarm the system remotely for her trusted coaches.  SONITROL’s unique impact-activated audio verification and detection technology offers full-volumetric intrusion and alarm coverage that can be remotely managed. Unlike traditional alarm systems, SONITROL Audio Sensors can detect a break in BEFORE the intruder is inside. Using the Sonitrol cameras, she can also view the property remotely and manage visitors and employees.  Thank you, XP League, for trusting Sonitrol with your security!

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