Protecting Small Businesses

Warm, winter sun, toes in the sand, and a promise of all things tropical have prompted regular vacationers to hang up their day job and move to Florida. Florida has seen a large increase in the number of homes sold in the last year.

Usually, along with the increase in population, comes an increase in crime. But not here in Polk County. Thanks to our law enforcement agencies like Polk County Sheriff’s Department, Winter Haven PD, Lakeland PD, and other local agencies, crime has dropped according to Florida statistics.

Despite the economic impact of COVID 19 and the hiring market, small businesses are bouncing back. While crime rates have dropped, that doesn’t mean that crime has been eliminated. An unsavory burglar looking for a quick buck at the expense of these small businesses can be devastating. According to the state of Florida, property loss was estimated at over $22.3 million, with only $6.8 million recovered.

Most burglaries or robberies are a crime of opportunity, which is why proper lighting, especially after the business is closed, is important. Also, keeping an open register to show that the money is removed may deter someone looking for cash. Let’s be honest, the loss of computers, registers, and product will shut down a business for days, if not weeks. Many family-owned businesses will bring in personal heirlooms, private collectables, and military awards to remind them of their families. These items are irreplaceable. Law enforcement does their best to recover them, but usually, they are lost for good. So what is the best way to protect them? Catch the burglar! Is this possible? Yes, it is.

With impact activated audio, the alarm will start outside the alarmed building. The first sound of a break in, whether it is a crowbar to the door or an unconventional entry, will activate the audio and allow Central Station operators to hear inside the building. Add cameras to the audio alarm system, and now you have provided your operator with all the information they need to help law enforcement. Because the operator can hear and/or see someone in the building, police can be dispatched to a crime in progress. Police can arrive knowing someone is in the building, and our operators can give them a location of the suspect.

If you are interested in more information on an impact audio activated alarm, please call Sonitrol of Polk County at (800) 444-1191 for a free assessment.

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