Prevent Loss using Temperature Monitoring

In Florida, our outdoor temperatures do not vary like other parts of the United States.  However, indoor temperature monitoring is essential for some of our local businesses.  Whether it is a health care facility, a fine dining restaurant, or an IT room, even a slight fluctuation in temperature can be disastrous!  A health care facility may lose lifesaving medicines and vaccines. An IT company may lose valuable information when their server overheats.  A fine dining restaurant may lose high quality wines and meats requiring them to close their doors to loyal patrons.  Items like freezers, refrigerators, IT servers and manufacturing equipment, can cost thousands of dollars in downtime to the company while they are repaired or replaced.

Self-monitored systems –

Often promoted as a cost savings, self-monitored systems are usually an app on the business owner’s phone.  Then, when temperatures are outside the programmed limits, a phone notification is presented to the owner.  However, business owners and the authorized people who get these notifications, are often needed in multiple locations.  Whether it is dealing with customers, employees, or some other situation, at some point during the day, they will be pulled away from their phone.  During the evening and early morning hours when many people sleep, a single notification may not wake the recipient of an alarm.  Often times, this notification will not be seen until the damage has already been done.

Security systems monitor temperature –

Security system technology has advanced to monitor for more than just burglars.  Along with managing building access and using high-definition cameras to verify illegal entry, temperature monitoring can also be added for a very reasonable cost.  The system is designed using a pre-determined temperature range that is safe for the monitored items.  A temperature device is installed and tied to the security panel.  When the temperature reaches a level above or below the provided range, highly trained central station operators receive an alarm.  They call multiple people using a list provided by the owner.  The notified person can then investigate the cause of the temperature fluctuation before the company losses thousands of dollars in medicine, IT equipment, or high dollar product.

Knowing these temperature vulnerable areas will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can give the owners peace of mind so they can direct their attention to running their business.

Allow us to listen to the needs of your business, including temperature monitoring, and provide you with a customized design.

Helping to provide a safer today through innovative technology!

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