Nickel and dimed on your business security?

Business Security:  PRO Installation $99!

This advertisement is from one of our competitors.  Great price, right?  But how does the company know that the equipment included in this price will secure your property?  They don’t!  Do they know what is important to you?  At SONITROL of Polk Co., we schedule a site visit to hear the business needs that cannot be answered with a phone call:

Undetected Burglaries

When our consultant visits your business, they will often take a drive around the building to determine various points of entry.  Today’s burglars look for other entrances besides doors and windows.  Roof access, air conditioning ventilation systems, outdoor walls, or adjacent offices need to be considered when building a proper security system. If a burglar enters through one of these areas the break-in can go undetected.  Other companies will try to sell you more equipment.  At Sonitrol, we guarantee 100% protection….in writing!

Unforeseen costs

If you are quoted a monthly rate, your company budgets that amount.  However, if the system is not built properly, false alarms could happen regularly on your security system. These fines can range from $50 to over $200 for each false alarm.  “User error” is the #1 reason for false alarms.  Unfortunately, many companies will charge a service fee if they have to come back to train new users.  We do not.  We take the time to ensure everyone is properly trained to use the system to avoid false alarms.  Doors are the #2 reason for false alarms.  During our initial site visit, we will determine any  “problem” doors.  The business owner and our consultant can determine the best way to ensure weather conditions will not cause false alarms.  We also use our experience to scope out other intruders like critters that may be able to gain access to your business.  Cats, squirrels, rats, or birds often set off motion detectors causing false alarms.   We use audio sensors to verify what type of intruder entered the building and reset the system if it’s a critter.

Security for your “People”

Good employees deserve to feel safe at their workplace.  We will often recommend a panic button if there is minimal staff at night.  We are one of the few companies that will add a “duress code” at no charge to you.  This code allows employees to enter a special code on the keypad that makes the system appear disarmed, but alerts operators to send police.  Our audio detectors are activated so we can hear what is occurring and notify arriving law enforcement.

FREE reports

Keeping track of day-to-day operations for a business owner can be difficult!  Keeping track of your security and access system is easy with our platform.  From a single arm/disarm report to the complex access control reports, we provide them for you free of charge.  You can even schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports to come to you in .pdf or .csv.  We make it easy with no extra charges.

If you would like to schedule a personalized site survey for business security, contact us!

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