National Pet Fire Safety Day

We all love our pets!  For National Pet Fire Safety Day, we celebrate by sharing some fire safety tips to use around your home.

An estimated 40,000 pets die in house fires each year, most due to smoke inhalation. According to the National Fire Protection Association, about 750 fires are started by pets or wild animals. Preventing your pet from starting fires is the best plan of action.

  • Extinguish open flames – Pets, especially puppies, are full of energy and curious. Anything that looks or smells good is fair game in the house. Make sure that if you are burning candles, they are extinguished before you leave.
  • Invest in flameless candles – A full bundle of energy usually comes with a wagging tail. Candles that are on a coffee table or anywhere within range of a pet can be pushed off onto the couch or floor and cause a fire. Flameless candles have LED lights and can handle this type of “abuse” without causing harm to your pet.
  • Protecting stove knobs – As previously noted, pets are always on the look out for a good smell as it may lead them to a tasty treat. But did you know that pets can accidently turn on stove knobs? Make sure that if you put something on the stove or near it that you remove the stove knobs or purchase safety stove knob covers.
  • Electrical cords – Ferrets, kittens, and puppies can be chewers. Make sure that electrical cords are hidden and protected. Cords that expose bare wire should not be used and should be replaced immediately.
  • Purchase smoke or heat detectors – If a fire does start, make sure you have working smoke detectors in your home. Test these detectors at least once a month.
  • Get help to your pets – Having a monitored smoke detector attached to your security system will get the fire department to your home if you are not there. This will give your pets a better chance of making it out of a house fire.
  • Let the Fire Department know – Pet Safety Window Clings should be located in the front window of your home. These inexpensive static cling signs are removable. They let the arriving fire department know how many pets are in the home. That way, they can locate the pets if it is safe for them to do so and move them out of the home.

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. They provide unconditional love, comfort, and friendship. Including your pet in your family’s safety plan should be a priority. So celebrate National Pet Fire Safety Day and keep those babies safe.

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