Hurricane Tips for your alarm system

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes.  Along with picking up the water and filling up the gas tanks, remember to verify your alarm system is “hurricane ready”:alarm system

  • Secure doors. Some doors may need to be deadbolted to prevent false alarms.
  • Make sure your call list is updated. If there is an alarm at your business, we want to reach someone. You can go to MySonitrol.com and quickly adjust your call list or contact our central station operators at (800) 444-1191 and have them help you. The person on the call list should have keys to the building and be able to disarm the security system.  Law enforcement may need this person to secure the building if a door is damaged or a window is broken.
  • Your power may go down. If this is the case, you will receive a call from your central station if the power does not restore. Your Sonitrol system has a battery backup. This backup will last anywhere from 1 hour – 6 hours depending on the life of your battery.  If the battery dies, your central station operator will call you as your system will not communicate any alarms.
  • Life safety is the first order of business during a weather event. Law enforcement will be busy.  There will be an extraordinary amount of false alarms due to wind, rain and/or hail.  If your system is a verified system, and your central station operators can confirm a burglary audibly or visually, this will help law enforcement prioritize the call.

As always, our operators will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; even during a hurricane.

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