De-Structions: How NOT to use your commercial alarm system!

So, you put in a commercial alarm system.

But it’s hard to remember the code.  Your team is having a difficult time learning the system, causing the system to go into alarm.  You need time to get in and put your stuff down without the system “going off”.

Business owners do not want false alarms or the fines that come with them.  However, if you do some of the stuff on this list, your business will no longer be secure when you leave.  Here is a list of 8 common “Do Nots”:

  1. Do not post the disarm code next to the keypad.
  2. Do not let everyone use the same code. Give each user their own code.  That way, if the employee leaves, you will not have to retrain your whole crew.  Plus, a good company can provide you with free reports, showing who armed and disarmed the system.
  3. Do not forget to remove users who leave or no longer need a code.
  4. Do not post the cancel code to allow users to call in to cancel an alarm.
  5. Do not post instructions on how to disarm the system.
  6. Do not ask for a long time to disarm, typically called a delay time. The standard practice is to give users 30 seconds to open the door and disarm the system.  A longer delay time means if someone breaks through that door, they have extra time before that system goes into alarm. (Unless it has impact activated audio.)
  7. Do not forget to arm the system at night. Have the alarm company put a note on your account, to ensure an authorized individual from your company will receive a call when the alarm is not set by a certain time.  Then, open your handy app and arm the system.
  8. Do not forget to update your call list. When operators cannot reach you in the event of a burglary, your building may stay unsecured until you get there in the morning, or worse, after a long weekend.

Training is key.  When choosing an alarm company, make sure they save time to teach your team how to use the system.

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