Construction Site Security

The Polk County area has become a hot spot for new construction. With warehousing and residential developments popping up everywhere, criminals have found an easy payday stealing from these sites.  Tools, generators, lumber, and trailers have become prime targets for thieves in and outside of our local area.  While these thefts hurt the construction company’s overall bottom line in dollars, it also forces general contractors to shut down construction while awaiting supplies.  Sometimes these supplies take several weeks to arrive due to supply chain issues.  And the last thing a general contractor wants to tell a client is that they will miss the deadline.

Is there a way for contractors to secure the site when they leave?

Many contractors choose to invest in chain link fencing.  While this may prevent the petty criminal from “walk-on” thefts, it usually doesn’t stop the felony theft.  Camera footage may be helpful, but often times the footage is blurry due to a lack of light or the viewing distance.  At Sonitrol, we use an outdoor security system that can be armed at night to notify police of trespassers and would-be thieves.  This system verifies an illegal entry and allows operators to share important details with law enforcement like multiple criminals at the location. Tailor-made for construction sites, this system offers:

  • Battery operated; no power required
  • Wireless communication to central station via cellular network
  • Works in any outdoor or difficult environment
  • No network recorder required
  • No WiFi necessary
  • Low cost, extremely flexible

Similar to motion detectors, this system has a built-in viewer, that shares footage with a monitored central station when tripped.  The silent alarm prevents a stash and dash situation.  This allows law enforcement to arrive before the criminals get away with their payload.  By catching the criminal(s) on site, the general contractor will be able to keep his tools and materials to continue work the next day.  Since these thieves typically hit one or more places, this apprehension can lead to solving multiple construction site thefts in the area.  If your site has valuables left overnight or on weekends, schedule a free assessment with one of our knowledgeable consultants.


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