Commercial alarm prices over the phone.

Business owners have very little time and may be tempted to purchase a commercial alarm system from someone on the phone or off the internet.  But an alarm system can cost a business more than just the quoted monthly fee, or worse, miss a break-in. Investing your money and time wisely will help properly mitigate a burglary or an incident within the business.   It is for this reason, that we do not give pricing over the phone.  Here’s why:

Needs are important

Whatever your business, you provide a solution to a customer’s issue.  In the restaurant business you feed hungry people.  In the retail industry you provide products for a specific group of people.  Security is no different.  Finding the business’ security needs requires a knowledgeable consultant to assess your building. For instance:

  • Something as simple as a door contact could cost hundreds of dollars in false alarm fines.  So finding the right door contact for your application is important.
  • A business may have large amounts of cash, or product that an opportunistic criminal would want.  Because burglars are getting smarter they may try to circumvent a commercial alarm system.  Therefore, areas with high dollar valuables must have protection no matter where they are located within the building.
  • A criminal that knows the location has valuables or cash locked in an area that requires a key or code will lie in wait outside for an unsuspecting employee.  Then the employee will be forced to disarm the system.  A criminal can hold that person hostage until they get the valuables.  A good consultant will advise the business owner regarding the need to have a duress code.  This is a simple code that the employee should enter to make the alarm system look like it has been disarmed.  This duress could notifies the monitoring personnel that there is trouble and to send police.

These assessments are free and can help the owner find things that weren’t obvious upon first inspection.

Take the money and run!

Look for a security provider who will be there after the sale.  Security should be more than a one time contact over the phone.  Camera and alarm systems are electronic equipment, and sometimes issues arise.  When a product is shipped to a business that was purchased over the phone, where do you go for technical support?  800 numbers are great, if you get someone that is able to help you in a short amount of time.  However, business owners have a business to run, and do not have time to track down technical issues on their security or camera system.    That is why we install, service, and monitor all our products.  We offer our Quality Assurance Program which will keep your system up and running for as long as you are a customer with no additional charges to you*.  If the system cannot be fixed using the current equipment, we will replace the parts at no charge to the business, up to and including the expensive server on the camera system.

Are you interested in looking at a commercial alarm system, cameras, or keyless access?  Give Sonitrol of Polk Co, a call for a free assessment.

Helping to provide a safer today through innovative technology.

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