Business Owners – Do I need a commercial alarm system?

Commercial alarm systems

“I don’t need a commercial alarm system”

Who needs a commercial alarm system?  Smart business owners are keenly aware of expenditures versus income within their business.  Eliminating unnecessary costs to keep the business profitable undoubtedly keeps many small business owners awake at night.  If there is nothing “valuable”, a business owner my ask, “Do I really need to invest in a commercial alarm system?”

“There is nothing of value”

Many business owners frown on spending extra money on a commercial alarm system.  If there isn’t any cash or retail items in the office, there isn’t anything a burglar would want, right?  Recently in Lakeland, law enforcement was looking for individuals that took laptops valued at $2,500.00.  As of this post, no arrests have been made and the property has not been recovered.  If there were documents or spreadsheets that were saved ONLY to the laptop, this work will be lost. Does the laptop have customer credit cards or personal information saved on it? If so, the business should contact their customers to let them know their credit card numbers or personal information has been compromised. Lawyers often have confidential information in the office that would be damaging to another party.  These documents need protection. Many business owners bring in a family heirloom to brighten the atmosphere in the office.  This heirloom may have sentimental value but no monetary value.  However, if it looks like something that can be pawned, it will be taken in a burglary.

“Everything is covered by insurance”

To be sure, there are very reputable insurance companies in our community.  But some stolen items may not be covered.  Many employees purchase tools for their trade.  These tools are left at the business over night. But are they covered under the owner’s insurance?  If not, an employee will not only be upset with the loss, but they will not be able to work until the tools are replaced.  Pawn shops have a variety of items that are valuable.  If items are not properly documented with paperwork, insurance may not cover these items, including cash.  A print store has large equipment that cannot be removed.  But a vandal looking for items to pawn can seriously damage equipment.  Even if it covers the losses, the business owner must call the customers to tell them of a delay in service.  If a “drop-dead” date is not met, a customer may be sympathetic, but they will definitely be upset.  Then there is the wait to replace damaged equipment.  According to FBI statistics, the average dollar loss per burglary offence is $2,661.00.  The business owner will have to decide to submit an insurance claim and risk an increase in rates or that of the loss.  Either way, it will be a hit on the finances for a small business.

“Only employees”

Typically, commercial alarm systems are installed to prevent after hours property loss.  But what about the lone employee, or the employee who single handedly opens and closes the business?  A good employee is a business owner’s most important asset.  Angry clients, disgruntled customers, or shady individuals off the street may threaten a lone front-line employee.  Due to the circumstances, the employee may not be able to pick up a phone.  Adding a panic button to any commercial alarm system is inexpensive.  By pressing the button, the employee quietly calls for help without agitating a situation even more.  On a good system, the owner will receive a push notification on the cell phone to let them know there is an alarm.  A duress code can also be added for after-hours employees who arrive early or go home late.  If an employee is forced to disarm the alarm system, a duress code is entered making the alarm system appear to be disarmed.  But the monitoring station will send law enforcement immediately.

“Damages other than burglars”

There are a million apps that can be downloaded and used to help a business owner run their company.  Choosing the right commercial alarm system, can do more than monitor for illegal activity.  The same app that arms and disarms the system can be used for:

  • Viewing Cameras
  • Freezer and refrigerator temperature monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring on equipment like generators, fuel tanks, warehouse equipment
  • Water sensors for after hour plumbing issues

Moving all this monitoring down to one app on a cellphone allows a business owner to see everything in one place.  Adding these services to a commercial alarm system also provides business owners with peace of mind as they do not need to be “monitored” by the owner.  If there is an “alarm” on any of these devices, the owner AND the authorized employees will be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With all the benefits of protecting a business, a commercial alarm system should be considered.  With the right company and security consultant, the owner can get the most out of their hard-earned dollar.  If you are a business owner and would like to schedule a free assessment, contact us.



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