MySonitrol – the trifecta of security!

Business owners have enough to worry about without having to use multiple platforms for the security of their building.  That is why Sonitrol has created an easy-to-use platform that manages security, access, and cameras all in one place.


It is ideal to have only a few people with an alarm code.  The trusted employees that open and close the business should not only have a code to arm and disarm, but a duress code which can be used in an emergency situation.  Since business owners rarely add and delete these trusted people, most systems require the use of an owner’s manual to make changes.  On the MySonitrol platform, these changes are easy.  A business owner can even email our central station and have an operator remove or add the employee.  Have changes to your call list?  Change it quickly and easily on MySonitrol.  We make your experience pain-free.



Access doors allow owners to manage entry into the building without the use of keys. Users can be added and deleted quickly using the MySonitrol platform or the phone app. The owner can also choose whether this employee will be arming and disarming the security system.  Schedules can be built to allow supervisors entry into the building before the rest of the employees arrive.  Will the business be closed for a special event?  Easily email the central station operators and let them know when you will be closed to change the door schedules.  Business owners can also limit entry into sensitive areas of the building like offices, IT rooms, and high dollar storage areas.  They also allow an owner to review who went into a room with a time stamp.









Manage internal loss using our high-definition video on the MySonitrol platform.  These cameras can be tied to the security and access system allowing video to be pulled using an event instead of the tedious task of going to the server, finding the time and location, and reviewing all the video.  Is there an employee that regularly “forgets to clock in”?  Simply go to the MySonitrol platform and run a simple report showing the employee’s access activity.  Video clips showing who used card or fob, or who disarmed the system are pulled from the camera server for the owner.  Is a high dollar item missing from the secured storage area?  Run a report by door to see who entered the storage area.  Pull the clips from video to save still shots or active video.









We understand that every business is different which is why we customize each system.  As a small business we also understand budgets and financial responsibility!  That is why we can build to your financial needs, adding security now and cameras and access as budgets allow.  Call now to have a professional security assessment of your building!


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